A fruit farmer and a chemical engineer walk into a bar… (or to be accurate: a brewery tour 1500 miles from home, where they are each paying homage to some creative brews while on vacation – as you do). They recognize each other from back in N.H. and they sample some beers together. The engineer decides those he brews in his basement are far superior, and the farmer suggests they could be enlivened with a little fruit. Emboldened by the liberating libation, they strike a business proposal. Then, before the hangover could wear off, they find themselves making beautiful beer together in their very own nano brewery back in the shadow of Mount Monadnock!

Well, that is the simplified story, anyway. If you want the more delightful and detailed origin story, I recommend you click HERE.

Dave is the brewer / engineer, and Anthony is the farmer / entrepreneur. Scratch that! Fenella, Anthony’s wife, is mostly the entrepreneur, and for the sake of this story we shall bestow the title of Chief Taster upon Anthony. Once you meet him, you may also think of him as the Chief Entertainer, but I will leave you to be the judge of that. All I ask is that once you have formed such a judgement, you tell either Yelp or Trip Advisor rather than telling him to his face, as he really doesn’t need any more encouragement.

Dave has been brewing his own beer for 25 years! He is a chemical engineer who, at the time, longed to take his understanding of processing liquids and direct it towards something tasty and liberating that was much better than anything made in the US. He had been making a wicked good red raspberry beer from local berries for many years before the serendipitous meeting described above.


Best in Show: Velvety Antlers @ Wyman Tavern Brew Fest 8/8/15

Best Red/Amber Ale: Moose Hide @ Claremont BrewFest 9/19/15


Logo thanks to Tim Campbell